Hawkins ABC1220 Switch mode smart / automatic battery charger

R2 300.00

The ABC 1220 charger is a five stage fully automatic microprocessor controlled units. The five charging stages are identified as Stage 1: Pulse Mode, Stage 2: Constant Current @ 50%, Stage 3: Constant Current @ 100%, Stage 4 : Constant Voltage, Stage 5 : Float. These chargers are suitable for charging all types of Lead / Calcium-, Flooded-, Maintenance Free-, Sealed-, Gel and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries.

During the first charging stage, a pulsed current is applied to bring the battery up. This is timed to run for 30 seconds. During the second stage, 50% of the charging current is applied for 20 seconds. In the third stage, 100% of the charing current is applied. This will continue until the battery reaches a pre set voltage. During the fourth charging stage, the battery terminal voltage is held constant while the charging current reduces to 10% of the maximum charging current. In the fifth stage, the battery is held at the pre set float voltage indefinitely.

Safety features includes potential free clamps which avoid sparking when connecting or removing the battery clamps in a potentially volatile enviroment. The charger is protected against accidentally shorting the leads while a replaceable fuse protects the chargers against prolonged fault currents. The charger is protected against Overload by limiting the output current. The charger has a built in LED display to indicate the charging state as well as battery voltage. A Red LED indicates the power is on and a bi-color LED indicates the state of charge Green (Float Charge) & Orange (Bulk / Equalise Charge). The aluminium extruded housing serves as the heat sink for the charger and the temperature can rise to 50 degrees celsius whilst charging. The charger has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Rated Input Voltage :100 – 230V a.c.                                                       Over temperature protected

Rated Output Voltage : 12V d.c.                                                               Overload Protected

Rated Output Current : 20 A d.c.                                                              Short-circuit Protected

Dimensions (WxHxL) : 160/50/103 mm                                                    Reverse polarity protected

Weight Nett/Gross : 2.0Kg                                                                        Digital front panel meter

Data Sheet

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 160 x 50 x 103 mm

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