AutoPro5 (12v)

R2 767.92

The AutoPro5 12V is a 3 stage microprocessor controlled charger. It is suitable for SEALED as well as VENTILATED batteries. It is equipped with POLARITY PROTECTION to prevent reverse polarity connection as well as VOLTAGE CONTROL to prevent over charging. The charger has thermal protection built into it to prevent the transformer from overheating. It also has temperature compensation which accommodates for the changes in the ambient temperature. The charger has replaceable fuses to protect against prolonged fault conditions. The charger has a built in 18 hour timer that will stop the charging process if the charger has not reached a pre-set set-point within that period. The RED LED will flash to indicate the fault condition. Automatic chargers require a minimum voltage on the batteries before they will start charging, for a 12V battery it is 10V.

Charger is locally manufactured.

Conforms to SABS IEC 335-2-29

Input Voltage : 230Vac

Battery Voltage : 12Vdc

Charge Current : 5Adc

Dimensions : 245/145/150mm

Weight: 4,35Kg

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