BLT600 600A Battery Load Tester

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The Hawkins BLT 600 load tester is designed to test batteries up to 200AH in capacity.

The BLT600 can be used on to check either 6V or 12V batteries.

It has 35mm welding cable attached to 600A clamps. The BLT 600 can discharge a battery at up to 600A for 15 seconds at a time. It has large analogue meters to indicate the battery voltage and the discharge current.

*BLT600 is locally manufactured.*

Voltmeter Range : 12V Batteries 0-15V

: 6V Batteries 0-6V

Battery Capacity : 200Ah Maximum

Discharge Current : 0 – 600A ( 15 Seconds )

Dimensions : 315/255/240mm

Weight: 8,7Kg

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