INVERTER CPI 12100C 1000w with 20A CHARGER

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The CPI 12100C 12Vdc to 230Vac modified sine wave inverter includes a built in 20 Amp smart charger. It will automatically switch from mains to battery supply if mains should fail. When the mains returns, the unit will switch back to battery charging mode and refill the battery with energy. These inverters are specifically intended to back up computers, tills, and equipment that you don’t want to turn off when the mains supply fails.

Inverter Output:                                                            Charger:
Power: 1000 watt                                                            Input Voltage: 200 – 240Vac
Start-up: 2000 watt                                                          Input Frequency: 47 – 53 Hz
Voltage: 230Vac                                                              Power Consumption: 294 watt
Regulation: 8% (rms)                                                       Efficiency: 87%
Frequency: 50Hz (1%)                                                     Charge Current: 20 Amp
Waveform: Modified Sine Wave                                       Equalizing Voltage: 14.6Vdc /Float Voltage: 13.7 Vdc

Battery Input:                                                                Protection:                                                        
Nominal Voltage: 12V                                                     Over Teperature >65 deg. centigrade
Low BatteryAlarm: 10.7V                                                Short crcuit
High Voltage Alarm: 16V                                                 Overload
Efficiency: 90%

Dimensions: 152 x 70 x 400
Weight: 4.2 kg