1119090 Mobile Power

R3 999.00

The Hawkins Mobile Power unit is a self contained three-in-one inverter/mains charger/solar charger with a built in battery capable of producing 350 Watt  modified sine wave power.

The Mobile power built in computer controlled charger is capable of charging both the internal battery as well as an externally connected battery and may be left charging indefinitely without having to worry about overcharging the batteries and will always be ready for use.

The Hawkins Mobile Power is ideally suited to provide mains power in emergency situations or as an off-line source of 230 VAC mains to power externally connected energy saving lights, cell phones or laptop chargers, hair clippers, small appliances such as personal computers, television receivers, cooling fans, soldering irons and other small electrically operated appliances or tools.The inverter 230 VAC output power is available at the two universal 2-pin socket outlets on the front panel.

You can connect an external 12V battery to the Hawkins Mobile Power to extend the period of time and thus availability that you need to have 230VAC. The external battery is connected conveniently to the back of the unit using two wing nuts. An input for a solar panel is also provided at the rear panel that can accept a ring- or spade terminal and even a banana plug.

A meter on the front panel indicates the charge current flowing into the batteries when charged. Furthermore, an orange LED indicates that the battery is charging and the Green LED indicates that the battery is fully charged. If an external battery is connected to the Mobile Power, the external battery will also be charged, however the charging time would extend.

The Hawkins Mobile Power is a versatile product that can easily function as a Smart Charger for domestic use when connected to an external battery when connected to a mains outlet or as a solar charger should you have solar panels connected.


  • Thermal overload protection
  • Includes Smart Charger and Solar Charger
  • Overload Protection
  • Polarity Protected
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Low Battery Cut-out
  • Alarm Sounder: Low Battery, Over Temperature, Overload
  • Portable with Carry handle
  • Two year warranty (Excluding Battery)
  • Manufactured in South Africa


Charger Input Voltage : 230V a.c.
Charger Input Current : 0,34 A a.c.
Solar Cell Input Voltage (open circuit): 19V d.c.
Charger Nominal Output Voltage : 12V d.c.
Charger Nominal Output Current : 3,4A d.c
Internal Battery: 12 Amp hour SLA.
Inverter Power : 350W
Inverter Output Voltage: 230V a.c.
Inverter Output Current: 1.5A a.c
Inverter Frequency: 50Hz.
Dimensions (W x H x L) : 210x210x315 mm
Dimension WIDTH is front view
Weight Nett/Gross : 8,3/9,3 Kg

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Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 210 × 210 × 315 mm